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Sold A Damaged Frame, Grr.

So my KHS frame was out of alignment, so I decided to pick up a replacement frame. I'm a huge fan of the used market; I built up most of my road bike with used parts, so I've got a good handle on things. But this time, it didn't work out so well. A guy offered to sell me his 2002 Rockhopper frame for $100 shipped on a local message board. Which was a bit high for an older frame, but sure beats anything new you can buy today for that kind of money.

He sends me the following pictures (notice the aftermarket Avid stickers)

Once I got the frame, I opened it up, it looked great. When I started cleaning it, I removed all of the stickers, and took it in for a wash. The seat tube felt a bit weird, that's when I noticed the paint in that area was rubbing off a bit, and that's when I went like this .

Here's what I saw.

A good sized dent, covered with paint, and a sticker! Hooray, the frame is garbage. I'm talking to the guy through email, apparently he never knew that the frame was damaged. I did pay him through PayPal, though this was a transaction outside of eBay (local forum), so I'm thinking I may be able to get my money back using this route.
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