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Originally Posted by tarwheel View Post
Good luck! Looks like you've got the weather on your side, at least for now. Definitely post some photos after you finish.
I had great weather, at least for the first three days. The weather was kinda sucky for the last day, but it was still a fabulous trip. Between the added climb up Mt. Mitchell and some extra miles getting to and from motels off the Pkwy, I logged 485 miles for the trip. I finished up my four day trip late Sunday evening. Actually, it was very late Sunday evening.

Between the weather and my dogged determination to climb Mt. Mitchell, which didn't open until 8:00am, that set my time table way back for my last day - about 3hrs. I wound up doing 140 miles that day, and didn't roll into Cherokee until well after dark -- about 10:30pm. At least I made it.

Of course the alternative, after I found myself in the middle of nowhere on the Pkwy after dark, still 20 miles from the end, and with no cell phone coverage to call anyone, was to either a). curl up in the fetal position by the side of the road and hope that hypothermia didn't kill me before morning, or b). keep pedaling. I chose b.

I posted a little bit about my trip, along with a link to my webshots photo album site, here in this thread.
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