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Originally Posted by yellowjeep View Post
not correctly though. Bike specific tools are pretty important when working on a bike (who'dathunkit). In addition get a good set of metric T handle allen keys, a set that folds out of the handle and then 2 or 3 or 10 cheaper sets of the kind that come in plastic holder. They are the most common fastener on a bike and I always seemed to have everyone but the one I need. I fixed that buy having multiple sets an strategically putting them in the places I am most likely to work on bike.
+1. Yup. I have probably 4 sets of metric allens- one of those sets being ball driver ends- split up between my bike kit and the collection that rolls w/me in the van with all my mechanic's and carpentry tools.

Probably the tools in the kit box that are not bike-specific are misc. screwdrivers, metric sockets and wrenches. crescent wrench, pliers, dikes, punches, coupla different hammers, tweezers, hemostats, metric/SAE tape measure, and well, a few other odds and ends.

AND there are numerous bike-dedicated tools that are essential when needed: crank pullers, BB tools, freewheel/cassette tools, pedal bearing and installation tools, cone wrenches, chain whip, cable cutter, derailleur alignment gauge, chain wear gauge, those are what I can come up with on the top of my head.

Then of course the big ones like floor pumps, workstand, truing stand.

Between my GF and myself there's eight bikes. I like to work on the silly things and I want to have the tools to do it. So, mechanically inclined, this is what I've ended up with a few years down the road.
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