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Originally Posted by >>ECB<< View Post
When I flew to and from Phoenix last year, I carried my M3L in a big no-name ballistic nylon bag, with no special padding. The result? On my flight back, I got a bent chainring, a tweaked stem, and a shoved-forward saddle.
At this rate, I'm thinking I either need to get a hard-sided case, or make all of my trips one-way.

Any other (potentially cheaper) suggestions?


That's really depressing ECB! As the chain's enclosed, any chance of pic's to highlight where it got bent?

How about a smaller, say 44 teeth chainring, just for your trips, to bring it further inside?

Another idea - I now use self extracting bolts for the cranks & it takes 3 minutes to remove the cranks now. Maybe you could pack them separately? Actually that might also mean we could get away with a smaller case anyway.

Problem with hard case is what to do with it when you get out of the airport, especially if you want to ride to hotel, etc.. I suppose you could strap 2 small wheels to it, then tow it along.

We've carried mostly Stridas by air so far, & as there's not much to bend (plastic chainwheel with belt drive) they've survived well, always in a soft golf bag style bag, but like you, we now need a Brompton case. Time to give it some serious thought.......

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