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I wanted to blog again today so I could post this photo of another bike, the Type 7.
The fiberglass fairing is really more of a fiberglass box. What is a fairing? People ask me that all the time. There is a website just to answer that question,
Very simply, a fairing is a windshield for a motorcycle. Why is a motorcycle windshield called a fairing? If you ride a motorcycle, you will have a very strong wind blowing in your face, you put a windshield on the motorcycle and the wind is much less, a FAIR wind, that's why it's called a fairing.
I've ridden on bicycle for more than 135,000 miles since 1972. I wanted to get a windshield for my bicycle early on. But nobody made such a thing. I asked around, and people said it was impossible, they said it couldn't be done. I was still in school. I came up with a better question, "If Yamaha can put a windshield on a motorcycle, how can it be impossible to put a windshield on a bicycle?" Everyone got really mad and had hissy fits, but they could NOT answer the question. Someone said the windshield is the motor, but I said "No it's not, you can't make an engine out of plastic", and then he started crying that he wanted his mommy and he left the room.
That was just grammar school. High school was a waste of time, because I went to a Catholic high school, and they didn't believe in using tools, so they had no shop class. (I thought it was Jews who didn't believe in using tools, But it was really Catholics).
I got good grades in science, earth science, chemistry, physics as well as biology, and I went to an Engineering school. Then I went to work. I wanted to build the first electric motorcycle in America. But I really just wanted a dam, I mean air-dam, windshield for my bicycle.
I got opposition everywhere I turned.
While doing math on my Apple Macintosh computer, it became apparent that the Wright Brothers were right. If a bicycle can be turned into an airplane, then an electric motorcycle can become a Nuclear Fueled Aerospace Vehicle. So I named the company "NFA Vehicles".
This was during the Cold War with the USSR, so there was a great deal of interest from the Pentagon. I decided to study aboard an Aircraft Carrier, and I joined the United States Navy .
Then the Soviet Union collapsed.

To be continued...
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