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Originally Posted by cyclistjohn View Post
That's really depressing ECB! As the chain's enclosed, any chance of pic's to highlight where it got bent?
Sorry; I thought of taking a pic of the damage, but didn't get around to it before carting the B off to the LBS.

Originally Posted by cyclistjohn View Post
How about a smaller, say 44 teeth chainring, just for your trips, to bring it further inside?
As it is, I probably will have to install a new ring/crank; the mechs who looked over it weren't optimistic about being able to correct the bend.

I'm figuring installation of a more standard spider-and-bolt arrangement would help in a couple of ways:

1) The chainring would be supported farther out from the spindle, making these kinds of bends less likely.

2) If the ring did get bent, it could be replaced separately.

Besides, I definitely would like to have lower gears than the ones the 50 T stock ring provides. A smaller chainring certainly would have helped when I was staring up the near-vertical slope of Taylor Street....

Originally Posted by cyclistjohn View Post
Another idea - I now use self extracting bolts for the cranks & it takes 3 minutes to remove the cranks now. Maybe you could pack them separately? Actually that might also mean we could get away with a smaller case anyway.
Eh--I don't much care for the idea of having to disassemble/reassemble the bike as I go from place to place. Besides being inconvenient, messy, and time-consuming, that approach seems to defeat a lot of what the Brompton's design is all about.

Originally Posted by cyclistjohn View Post
Problem with hard case is what to do with it when you get out of the airport, especially if you want to ride to hotel, etc.. I suppose you could strap 2 small wheels to it, then tow it along.
I think that wouldn't be so much of a problem--I invariably end up taking a taxi/shuttle from the terminal to the hotel, so towing isn't really a major priority.

Thanks for the feedback,

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