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Originally Posted by cyclistjohn View Post
Problem with hard case is what to do with it when you get out of the airport, especially if you want to ride to hotel, etc.. I suppose you could strap 2 small wheels to it, then tow it along.

We've carried mostly Stridas by air so far, & as there's not much to bend (plastic chainwheel with belt drive) they've survived well, always in a soft golf bag style bag, but like you, we now need a Brompton case. Time to give it some serious thought.......

I agree about the problem of what to do with the hard case at the destination airport if you are touring. Luggage Lockers can be quite pricey I think if you want them for a few days or a fortnight. There has to be a 'fingers crossed' approach I suspect unless you box the bike and then obtain another box for the flight home.

I recently took my copy Strida to Barcelona. It went fine on the way out, but received a bad scratch and a smashed rear light on the way back. It could just as easily have had the front pulley broken I suppose, but maybe it is tougher than I think. The SLO was in a rather lightweight soft bag that came free with the bike. As an aside, my other luggage went missing on the return flight too and was delivered to my house the next evening about 28 hours after the flight. Had this happened at the start of the trip it would have wrecked my plans, because we only stayed in Barcelona for an hour and a half before travelling by bus to Pamplona which is a good 300 miles.

The SLO performed an invaluable service as a way of carrying two people's luggage painlessly on a walking holiday. It performed fabulously as a luggage trolley.
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