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"I don't advocate blowing past stop signs, but there are some reasons why a bicyclist doesn't make a full stop. If a bicycle stops, the cyclist must put one foot on the ground. If the seat is adjusted to the right height, the cyclist can only touch down on on tippy-toes. Unless it's a lowrider, or recumbent bicycle, the cyclist can not put both *heels* on the ground. Okay, buy your kid a lowrider bike, that would be fine.
Also, when a bicycle stops, it can take more than ten seconds to get going again. During this time, the bike is a "sitting duck", which could be creamed by the next car that comes along.
Bicycles are not heavy enough to trip the detectors that activate the traffic lights.
Bicyclists are not confined to a *cage*,their view is not obstructed by roof pillars. Also, a cyclist can hear cars coming.
Yes, cyclists must look both ways, but there is enough time to look both ways, even if the cyclist just slows down-Rolling Stop.
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