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Originally Posted by KingTermite View Post
Stephen.....long see, no time, buddy!!!

I don't think you made it to the shaving thread I tried pointing you to a few months ago. I mean you are the resident wookie/shaving expert.

Still working at J?
Nah, got laid off....still unemployed. I'm starting classes in a few weeks to get some certifications so I can more easily find a job. Getting my A+, Net+ and Security+. Screw manufacturing, it's just too unstable...8 years, 30 rounds of layoffs....no thankies .....I'm going for an IT position...sure the pay is low and the hours high, but it's at least relatively stable.

Until then....I'm just keeping myself sane by helping my friend restore a 77 Raleigh (all it needs now is to have the fenders hammered out properly and some paint), getting mroe serious about learning guitar, and working on my car (finally got off my ass and got a 93 Intrepid).

The shaving thread....bah, give me a good single blade over this gadgetry anyday. my new roomate freaked out a bit when he saw me go into the bathroom with a straight razor and come back out with an uncut but shaved face

Oh and Chris, the crazy remote has been replaced with a crazier one....I'm pretty sure Skynet started out as this remote....
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