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1. 20" is a pretty short top tube.
2. 43 tooth sprocket? Why not 33/12 gearing instead? Get with the times!
3. American BB? Once again, get with the times!
4. Fork = Odyssey, only thing you need
5. You have two sets of rims listed... which is it?
6. Welgo pedals... you can do better than that.
7. That bike really won't be light by a long shot if that was your goal at all.
8. No brakes? or pegs, or tubes, spokes, wheel building, bar ends, seat clamp, etc. You still have about $200.00 to build the bike completely if that's the goal.

I wouldn't turn the bike down, but if you are spending that much cash, then there is a lot you can do to improve the bike right from the start and I would look at some other brands than Kink for different parts.
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