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Originally Posted by BMXTRIX
1. 20" is a pretty short top tube.
2. 43 tooth sprocket? Why not 33/12 gearing instead? Get with the times!
3. American BB? Once again, get with the times!
4. Fork = Odyssey, only thing you need
5. You have two sets of rims listed... which is it?
6. Welgo pedals... you can do better than that.
7. That bike really won't be light by a long shot if that was your goal at all.
8. No brakes? or pegs, or tubes, spokes, wheel building, bar ends, seat clamp, etc. You still have about $200.00 to build the bike completely if that's the goal.

I wouldn't turn the bike down, but if you are spending that much cash, then there is a lot you can do to improve the bike right from the start and I would look at some other brands than Kink for different parts.

Ok, I know I picked the wrong sprocket. And what's wrong with an American BB? Most Euro cranksets cost an extra 10 to 15 dollars just to fit a Euro BB. And do you mean that I need to switch to an Odyssey fork instead of a factory direct fork? And the reason I have two rims is because one is for back, and one is for front. I didn't think that Hula Hoop rims could work for both front and back. Can they? And are Welgo pedals that bad? Wich would be a better replacement for the Wellgos? And I know I don't have brakes, spokes, and a seat post, but what in the world is a 'wheel building' ? And the grips come with bar ends I think. I may be wrong though. And I thought I already included innertubes if that is what you meant by 'tubes'. And I don't care too much about pegs, but what reccomendations would you have for a good set of pegs?

And the biggest question of all is:

Why wouldn't you recomend Kink?! I thought that it was a good company! They make their stuff in the USA, and it sounded good! Oh well, if you say they're not the best choice, then I beleive you... I don't know enough about these things anyway, so thanks for telling me. Dang, I thought I had made a good choice!

I know I just asked you a whole crap load of questions, but I'd really really appreciate it if you would try your best to anwser them! Thank you very, very much!
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