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Originally Posted by BMXTRIX
Custom wheel building: When you order non-stock wheels then you have to pay to have someone build them up unless you are going to do it yourself. So, you need spokes and to pay for the wheels to be built.

Euro BB will shave about half a pound of steel off the bike. I have never heard of anyone breaking a Euro BB, so IMHO it is the only way to go when buying stuff new.

I would recommend Kink, if that is really what you want. They make good stuff, but I would also mix things up. The new Odyssey stem is awesome. There are other companies that make components (like sprockets) that are easily as good, if not far better than Kink. No specific ones, but the list of comparable product is long.

You can use a Kink fork, the Odyssey is probably lighter and just as durable. If you aren't planning on grinding, then what is this bike for? Dirt? It's overkill for dirt in my opinion.

Any rim can work front & back. If you aren't running brakes up front then you don't need to spend more for chrome plated though. Any decent rim for a fair price will work.

Welgo pedals aren't that bad, they just aren't very good either. Someone else can give you a list of better pedals. I use nylon pedals.

Innertubes - tubes - same thing. Yep, there's 6 bucks.

Grips may come with plastic bar ends - they'll get trashed when you crash though. Aluminum will last longer, but your choice.
Ok, you anwsered my question fully and clearly, thank you very much! You don't know how much this means to me. So I got the tubes, could use better pedals but not a nessesity, stock grip bar ends are fine, but most likey to break soon. And I want brakes both in front and back, so chrome is better for braking, I think... And are Hula Hoop Rims good rims? And should I use something lighter for the front rim? And if so, any suggestions? And the fork thing, I'll check out some more stuff from Odyssey, they sound good. Are they a good company, with tough parts and such? Ok, so Kink is ok for the frame? I mean will that frame last for as long as I want it to last me? (wich is forever) Or should I look at a different frame? And at they build your custom wheels for free, so I don't need to pay that extra price. But thanks for clearing that up. And I guess a Euro BB is good, thanks. And what is the name of the new Odyessy stem, it sounds interesting. Would you recomend it? And finally, I'm almost embaresed to say this, but I don't know how to grind.... Yeah, I know I stink, but I wasn't actually planning on building this bike any time soon, espessially since I don't have NEAR enough money for it. I just wanted to get an idea of good parts and companies, and what the pricing would be. Thank you very very much, you're a very kind and patient person anwsering all of these questions for me! I have to go to bed, see ya'!
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