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Originally Posted by MadMan2k

How about that frame? It has a euro BB, has 'pantera' in the name (always a plus), and it even matches your user name.. heh.

I'm guessing almost all the rims danscomp sells are decent. Are you going to be completely without funds for the rest of the time you'll have the bike?
If not, just get whatever rim suits your fancy at the moment, then replace it if you break it.

Well, lets just say that if I bought this bike, I wouldn't be putting down any more green for awhile. LOL But thanks for the frame suggestion, it looks pretty good. The reason I picked Kink was because they make their frames in the USA, and it was on sale at, so it looked good, and I thought I could same some money. But I don't know, does anyone have anymore frame suggestions that are REALLY good frames and can take a beating, and that a dependable? I'd really appreciat any and all suggestions. Thanks!
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