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Ok! I've finalized my custom bike components list.(I'm sorry if it's in a weird order, but I'm just copying it by typing from the list I printed out at This time it totalled out at 1258.47 dollars, with shipping included. Now just add another 50 bucks for the spokes and detangler, and, there you have it my custom bike! Take a look and see what you think:

Odyssey Modulever (Brake levers)
Black/Black, Pair

Ultra Cable (Brake wire)

Tektro 907/908 U-Brake
Silver, Rear

Tektro 907/908 U-Brake
Silver, Front

990 Brake Plate
Black (Qty. 2)

Odyssey 41 Thermal 3-PC Crank
Black, 180mm- European BB

Odyssey Chock Full O' Nuts Stem
Black, With Gyro Tabs

Poverty Hustler Pedals (Sealed)
Black, 9/16 Inch

Odyessy Pro Dirt Fork
Black, 14mm Dropouts

KMC Heavy Duty 410H Chain
Silver, 1/8 Inch

Shadow Monster Seat Post (Cromoly)
Black, 25.4mm

Alloy Hex Dome Valve Caps

Dan's Street/Trails Tubes
20 x 1.75/1.95/2.20

DK MPH Headset (Sealed)

Industry Grips

S&M Smal Bars

Profile SS 14mm Cassette Hub (RHD)
Black, 48H, 14mm

Primo Hula Hoop Rim --14G (For rear)
Chrome, 48H

DK Iron Cross Chainwheel
Black/Silver, 33T, 1/8 Inch

Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim (For front)
Chrome, 48H---20 x 1.75 Inch

Shadow Street Seat

Odyssey Hazard Front Hub (Front only)
Black, 48H

Odyssey Elm Street Tire
Black, 20 x 1.85 Inch (Qty. 2 )

Kink Freebird Frame
Black, 20.5 Inch (European BB)

Profile Cassette Cog
12T - 3/32 Inch

Oddyssey Gyro 3 (Sealed)
Black, 1-1/8 Inch

I think that that is about it, so what do you think? If you could, tell me which parts should be replaced with a different part. And tell me what picks I made that were good. Thank you!

PS: I didn't include a detangler, or spokes, but I know what spokes I'm going to get. I picked out 14G/15G Stainless Double-butted spokes. They have thinner 15G size in the middle of the spoke for weight savings, and 14G Double-butted for the ends. They include brass niples. And I was thinking about an ST Org Detangler, was that a good choice? And I still don't know about pegs.

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