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Originally Posted by SuperTrooper
Sh*t...I am heading out. Was thinking about riding the flatwoods loop and going for a run, but I am going to go wash/wax my ride and watch the pro bowl. But to give you a teaser about what I would do in this situation is. I wait on no chic. I won't be played for some fool who has to wait on one hand in foot and if I don't. I get the "your sleeping on the couch" or "your not getting any". F that. My junk is good and there are plenty who would love to give it a try. My mom raised me to not be a greedy person. I don't think she meant to not be greedy with my junk, but heh? By nature, I am just not greedy!
Hey Troop, you could try my method, and instead of Pee Wee (he can be a jerk ) you could watch Bill O'Liely.
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