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Just last week I tuned up a 1987 ST400 for a friend's son. The bike had been left outside for a couple months. There was a bit of rust, and the fork was super rusty. I tried to spin the front and rear wheels. Al i got was this sound liek I was dragging them across a bad road. They each spun about two times freely and then stopped. I opened up the hubs, and cleaned all the crap outta them and repacked them. Cleaned up the chain. The fork was rusty and the paint was chipped all over the bike. It looked like hell.

I got on for the final test ride...WHOA!!!! Fast. Nimble. But still enough room for rack/panniers/fenders!!!! I have been scanning CL for one ever since. I WILL have an old ST to replace my current commuter hybrid.
The old ST's would make THE PERFECT commuter bike.
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