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Originally Posted by bmichaelx
It doesn't matter how much you spend on a bike something will break within a 2 years. Well, if you actually ride your bike a lot it will. It doesn't matter how smooth you ride, you can mess up on a gap and case your back tire and you've allready got a poped tube and/or bent rim. A lot of this just eventualy wear down like tires, brake pads, pegs, grips, pedals, and berrings. So even if you purcase your dream bike don't expect it to not need any maintnece. Good choice on the frame though, that won't need any maintnence.

Umm, I know that any part I get for a bike will need maintainece, it is a fact of modern science. I'm not trying to make a bike that is invencible to all damage and wear, I'm just seeing how much a good, well-built custom bike would cost. That is why I started this thread, to ask opinions on parts and add those parts up to see what it would cost. So no offence, but I already know what you've told me. Thanks for trying though.
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