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I'm an avid bicyclist, and I don't think money should be wasted building bike lanes. Instead, the Police should be handing out tickets to careless and aggressive drivers.
I ride my bike, and 999 out of a thousand motorists pass safely, with five to ten feet of room. It's that one in a thousand who almost sideswipes the bike , that is causing the problem.
Some cyclists have equipped themselves with video cameras on their helmets, so they can get some evidence and a tag number when they report these drivers to the Police. That works, but it's expensive. Maybe the Police could set up a "sting" operation with a camcorder on a bicycle.
Speeding, tailgating, cursing and throwing things at cyclists-all add fuel to the fire. Then when someone suggests that cars should have a tiny, quarter horsepower electric motor and a top speed of twelve MPH, these motorists don't get the point. The idea isn't to save gas, it's to make your car weak and incapable of hurting anyone.
If you do want bike lanes, make sure it's just bike lanes. We don't need "plantings", or trees or bushes or "arborvitae's", the plants create a sight obstruction.
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