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Originally Posted by FLyBOy
Umm, I know that any part I get for a bike will need maintainece, it is a fact of modern science. I'm not trying to make a bike that is invencible to all damage and wear, I'm just seeing how much a good, well-built custom bike would cost. That is why I started this thread, to ask opinions on parts and add those parts up to see what it would cost. So no offence, but I already know what you've told me. Thanks for trying though.
theres no way to know how much a good bike will cost. i cracked a dk and an odyssey pedal from pedal grinds. i bent a pitchfork when trying to 180 a gap. i buy a new peg every month. you can get the best parts and they will still break. its good to maintain your bike properly, but it wont prevent it from breaking.
i wouldn't get tektros, they're the ones that come on kids bikes. if it was me, i would say **** brakes, it makes riding more exciting, but whatever you want
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