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Originally Posted by queensrider86
theres no way to know how much a good bike will cost. i cracked a dk and an odyssey pedal from pedal grinds. i bent a pitchfork when trying to 180 a gap. i buy a new peg every month. you can get the best parts and they will still break. its good to maintain your bike properly, but it wont prevent it from breaking.
i wouldn't get tektros, they're the ones that come on kids bikes. if it was me, i would say **** brakes, it makes riding more exciting, but whatever you want

Ok, I probably needed to know that, thanks. And yeah, tektros are crap. When you buy better quality bike parts you don't have to replace them as quickly, but you should expect any and every bike part to break eventually. But do you really not have brakes on your bike? LOL And since you broke an S&M Pitchfork fork, they replaced it for free, didn't they? Or did you not send it in? Because S&M replaces their forks for free the first time you break them, (as long as you sent in the warranty card, or have the 'proof of purchase' receit) and then the second one you break they'll send you a new one but you have to pay for half of it. But, half off an S&M fork is definetly better than full price! And by the way, how long did that Pitchfork last you?
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