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Some tools are obvious. For flats, you need to carry spare tubes, tire irons, and something to inflate the tubes like a pump or C02 inflator. Once every great while, you will have a flat that is produced by a gash in the sidewall. You could carry something that you can use as a "boot" to put between the tube and the gash in the tire.

A set of allen wrenches can be nice to have. Most of the adjustments on your bike require allen wrenches.

Once every very great while, you will have a chain break and carrying a chain tool would be the thing to do for that. But I don't think the chance is good enough to warrant that precaution.

I used to carry spoke wrenches in case I broke a spoke so I could field true my wheel in case of that. My present wheels are bullet proof enough that I don't need to.

The other thing to carry is a bit of money, a credit card, and a cell phone. This is in case you have a catastrophic unforseen breakdown and have to call for a ride or a taxi.
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