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Hi all,
I'm new here and this is my first post so I'll make it a long one.
I'm "Paul" in Eric's thread, but really I'm Pete, where the heck is Mary?
Eric is a strong rider in the C group he just works too hard. Eric lead the pack more than any other rider in group C. At the time I was thinking, this guy is probably too strong for this group. Each time I passed Eric and every time he went by I'd joke about the fact that he was working too hard.
I started riding with the SJBC in September or October in their winter series, which was kicked off by a riding clinic. That is a great way to get familiar with crits before you hit the real thing. I highly recommend it and it works out to be almost free for new club members.
I would also not call these Tuesday Night Crits the real thing, if you are worried about crits being too aggressive. The C group is very laid back and a moderate pace (if you don't keep riding off the front ERIC!) If you are not a strong rider, you would not be the only rider with the goal of hanging onto the pack as long as possible, so get in there, pick up the draft and sit there. Donít be the work horse if you are not ready yet.
$40 to join the club is less than a fancy tire and each night is only $10, so yes the first ride is $50, but that is about the same as one USA C crit with a one day license.
The USA Cycling has cats 1 through 5 (1 = almost pro)
The SJBC winter series has 1 through 5 (1 = fastest in the club around USAC cat 2 I think, but I don't know I'm not that fast)
The SJBC Tuesday night has groups A, B, C (A=winter series 1,2,3; B=WS 4, 5; and C = fit people that want to give racing a try)

I sit around USAC Cat5, SJBC Winter Series Cat 4 and Tuesday Night Group B and mtn XC Cat 2/Sport.
I could give my race report as that was my first Crit win, but this is Ericís thread. My prediction is that Eric hangs out behind those two guys that were 6 foot 4 inches and Eric will be in the top 3 at the sprint.
Good luck tonight Eric! I donít think Iíll be there.
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