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A few years back, a weekly gig had me driving home around midnight every Friday night. The route was along a major freeway west of Los Angeles (405), up the Sepulveda Pass and down into the San Fernando Valley. Almost without exception, I would be driving along with trucks hauling what smelled like raw sewage. Possibly it was sewage sludge from a local water treatment plant being transferred to another processing facility. We were obviously on the same schedule. It was just awful, and I couldn't do a thing about it because many of them continued driving that route for at least an hour.

And now, my life tip of the day: As I've gotten older, I tend to tolerate more of the aesthetic inconveniences that used to irritate me to no end while driving. Slow moving trucks and buses, plus the smell of deisel exhaust no longer sends me into a fit of disdain. Not that I enjoy it, but I now see them as services without which our lives would be less convenient.
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