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Originally Posted by Sry0fcr View Post
Up until last week when I went shopping for my son's first bike. I figured that I'd have to get myself a new bike as well to ride along with him. It would all work out nicely since a few friends of mine ride on my company's MS150 team and I need a new hobby anyway, running is just too high impact for me on concrete. So I hit a few shops on the North side of Houston, (Performance, Sun and Ski, Cycle Spectrum, Bike Barn, & REI) after talking to people faaaar more knowledgeable than I; I think I'm more confused than ever... and intrigued.

Could riding replace my car customizing/modifying/racing hobby that I gave up with kids? Possibly, the only problem is that now that I know how little I know I'm looking for good resources to learn from. I don't even know what I need (or want or what's available) in a bike, so I figured that I had better find out so that I can spend my money wisely. All I know for sure is that whatever I end up with will have to do mostly road, maybe a little mud, gravel, grass and defiantly be able to take a curb. Beyond that, front suspension or rigid fork? Disc brakes? Components? How important is weight for my uses? What are good brands to start looking at? Ect? I have too many questions and not enough info to answer them. Can someone fill me in or point me in the right direction? I'd appreciate the guidance.

Hit the library, read everything you can get your hands on. Read through here. Prepare to be overwhelmed. It's a good thing, though, really.
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