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Originally Posted by craigcraigcraig View Post

having to service shocks and stuff comes from usage of the bike or if the bike sat for a while would it need to be serviced then as well?
sitting around can be a little tough on things but it's really the usage that takes it's toll. the legs of the fork slide on replaceable bushings inside and they wear a bit every time you push the fork down. but when you do something like say land off a jump the fork bends a bit and the bushings get presure from the side when they are sliding so they wear more. the harder you ride and the more you ride the more they wear.

a big fork like the one on that yakuza is meant to take abuse so even tho you may accelerate wear by riding rough it's not really hurting the fork. he may need to service as much as once a year or it could operate smoothly for 3 years with just oil changes.

but if you neglect to service the fork and shock and suspension pivots that nice bike will eventually go to crap!
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