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easier wheelbuilding question

I recently re-built my rear wheel, and, having made a rookie mistake on measuring the spoke length, purchased and used spokes that were a bit too short. After some research I have determined that
the wheel was not originally built with IDEALLY long enough spokes, and my measuring a mm too short has exaggerated the situation.
So my question is, how little thread engagement with the nipple is too little?
On the ds, the threads have just disappeared into the nipple and on the nds there is 1.5-2mm thread sticking out (12mm nipple, I'm guessing there is 8-9 turns of positive thread engagement on the nds).
If needed, I will disassemble and re-re-build using the nds spokes on the ds and buy new longer spokes for the nds.

In case it matters, the specifics are: the bike is a 700c hybrid, the hub is a 2'' flange Quando 36 hole, the rim is an Alex TA-19, the new spokes are DT Champion 14ga. straight, and I am 6'3" 235lb.
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