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Originally Posted by joelh View Post
I am converting a circa 82 schwinn traveler into a single speed and ran into a problem when I tried to remove the crank to take of the large chainring. I removed the dustcap and loosened what turned out to be a 14mm nut threaded on what I am guessing is a threaded extension coming out of the square taper bottom bracket end. Once I removed the nut, the bolt protruded too far for me to thread my crank extractor on. I saw on Sheldon's side that this type of arrangement exist, but he made no special mention of anything unusual about the crank removal. Is there a different type of extractor that is designed for this bottom bracket axle?
You have a "nut-type" bottom bracket spindle:

In order to remove this with a conventional crank remover, you need to unscrew the outer portion of the remover almost all the way. This will allow the bolt-end of the spindle to protrude into the remover. Once the outer portion bottoms out, start threading the inner portion in until it bottoms on the end of the bolt. Keep tightening down (there should be substantial resistance) and the crank should come off.
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