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Originally Posted by ChadFM View Post
I recently upgraded my (mtb) wheelset, and while doing so I accidentally purchased a 7 speed cassette, rather than the required 8 speed cassette. So rather than immediately buying a new cassette, I put a spacer on so that I could ride with the 7 speed cassette (and this worked rather flawlessly).

However, I got a new cassette today (the correct 8 speed), of the lower end Shimano variety, and I have an interesting problem: while pedaling with any force, it sounds as though the chain wants to shift (a bit jumpy), and I can feel very minor vibrations occasionally. However, the front and rear derailleurs are tuned correctly, and the chain is in fact not trying to shift, it just feels that way.

I think that the problem may be the chain, however I'm not sure. I rode the chain on the 7 speed cassette under 75 miles, so it is essentially new; I just can't figure our why that it is as rough as it is when I pedal.
Assuming you're confident about your F/R Derailleur adjustment skill and you ARE doing it correctly i'd look into a possible bent derailleur hanger. You only rode on the 7 speed cassette for 75 miles. But is it new anyways?
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