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2003 Shimano 105 Triple to Double

First, I've searched the forum and found some answers, but not everything that I would like to know. Since I really want to understand if there will be any issues that I haven't forseen, I will ask something that may be a bit tedious to those here and offer my apologies in advance.

So, in 2003 I bought a bike that was set-up with Shimano 105 triple (it was my first serious bike and I thought "more gears must be better"). I'm now a reasonably strong rider (about 310 watts at threshold), so I never use the small chainring. Thus, I want to change to a double.

I hope that I can get away with buying an Ultegra double crankset (I assume 6500 SS, since my old 105 is 9-speed) and an Ultegra 6500 SS front derailleur, and then adjust the settings on my front shifter. Do I have this right? From reading through past postings, I am a bit worried about spindle length in the bottom bracket. I don't have deep pockets, so I don't want to undertake the conversion if it's going to be some sort of slippery slope of having to buy more and more components to make things work. I will, of course, have my LBS do the work, I just hope to have a good grasp on the hardware required to make the switch.

I apologize for being such an idiot aobut the basic mechanicals of my bike. I hope that someone can let me know if I have it right about what components will be necessary to make the switch. Thank you for any help.

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