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While an Alize is a fine crankset, you are aware it has a 130mmBCD, yes? Just so you know, you're limited to 38t min ring, so in the future if you want to use it with lower gears on this or any other bike, you can't. TA makes great stuff, and I would recommend this crank for a road bike, this bike I'm not so sure.

110mm BCD cranks are the most versatile. You can still get big rings, up to 60t, and can go low as 34t. You can get a nice one here with your choice of rings, a big plus.
I wouldn't recommend the Sugino XD crank unless you bought it from someone who could swap out the rings you wanted on it, as it comes with smaller rings.

Looking at the Scott here it comes with a 26/36/48 and a 11-32. That's a 111 gear inch top gear. You're paying a steep price for a few extra gear inches!

You may want to check of a 50 or 52 ring even clears your stays.

As far as chainline, yes, you adjust it by BB length, but also using 1,1.5 or 2mm spacers between the frame and DS cup. Many times all you need is a mm or two on the DS, so these save you from getting another BB.
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