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Originally Posted by Garthr View Post
You don't need a new crankset, just take off the small ring of the 105 and get a shorter BB.
This is essentially what my bike shop recommended a couple of months ago. To go this route, I would also want to buy a 39 tooth chainring as well (I don't know that I'm quite man enough to have nothing lower than a 42/23 - that 39 up front would be nice if I were riding somewhere other than around my area). This would wipe out some of the cost savings as lightly used Ultegra double cranksets are a dime a dozen at eBay, but it seems like chainrings seldom turn up at anything than full MSRP. If I have to buy a bottom bracket either way that I go, then the cost may be more or less a wash.

Buying a new Octalink BB and taking off the small ring is your cheapest option in the short run. Getting a square taper crank and BB may cost a little more now, but will save you in the long run with longer lasting, and less expensive BB's. That's my biased opinion about it.
Thanks for helping me out. I've been riding off and on since the late '80s (and very passionately the last several years), but I just don't know anything about equipment. I had never considered anything other than Shimano cranksets, so I didn't know that I had other options (the whole issue of compatability is more than a bit bewildering to an idiot like me). I really don't want to take the time of people at my LBS if I am not planning to buy the components from them (and a new crankset from any maker is a damn expensive piece of gear), so that's why I'm appealing for help here. Maybe I will get a copy of the Park tools "Blue Book" and see if it helps me make more sense of all this.

Again, thank you.

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