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Originally Posted by View Post
I completed this same kind of transformation on my trek madone 5.0. I went from triple ultegra to double ultegra.

Change the right shifter for a double. Change the crankset for a double. I kept the same bb. Change the FD for a small one. The last thing is I could've keep my long rear-derailleur, but for the fun of it, I changed it for a small rear-derailleur. I bought used parts on ebay, except for the new cables.

Now I'm really happy with the new setting a plus I've learned more about bike mechanics, since I've done all the modifications.
Thanks for letting me know that it can be done. From what I read seatching the history here, it seems like 105 uses the same left shifter for both double and triple (Ultegra and DA have different shifters). So, it sounds like my original opinion about what I would need to do might not have been too far off the mark.

Doing a bit of Googling, it seems like the shorter spindle length on the BB made for doubles claims to position the chain optimally (i.e., bottom brackets can be bought with one of two spindle lengths). Since you are happy with the shifting performance of your set-up, swapping the BB seems like something that could be done down the road.

I really do hate that I am so intimidated about the maintenance. I am starting to at least figure out what the basic parts are, so maybe I'll gradually upgrade the components on my bike and do some of the work myself. Again, thanks for helping out.

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