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Originally Posted by jimx200 View Post
Btw, I'm 6-2/210 if it matters.
it does matter a bit.

a downside of suspension bikes is the need for extra maintenance. the way they usually express this is to start creaking.

the frames look pretty similar but there is an extra pound of material on the flite frame. that means the frame will be more resistant to twisting and the bearing will be less subject to side loading and the bike will go longer without degraded performance in the rear suspension. a 210 pound guy is not "too much" for the Ace frame, but he will be twisting and bending it more than a 160 pounder. the one pound difference will mean less to the bigger rider as well.

something to consider if you like bikes to "just work".

besides that, every sette product ive had experience with including frames has been good quality.
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