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SRAM PC-850 Skippin' like a son-of-bisket!

A little back ground.
I have a Hard Rock MB I bought a few years ago. When I bought it the chain was skipping (on the rear cog) on the first ride out and broke. the LBS gave me a new chain and that chain never skipped.

After about only 1500 miles I just bought a new PC-850 to replace my old chain (which sees very little off road use). This chain skips on the rear cag whenever I put a good amount of force on the pedals (like going up a hill). I took it to the LBS and they said the Rings and cog was fine and the adjustment was good. I took out a link the make the tension a bit greater and it still skips. Are these PC-850 chains known for doing this?

Im not sure it the LBS will refund my $$ but I am really now just wanting to convert this to a SS.
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