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Miraculous Stuck Seat Post procedures

If I am not too late, here's the solution (or rather two solutions, one simple, one more complicated.)
this week I found myself facing two impossibly stuck seat posts on bikes I'd bought on ebay. If I didn't get 'em unstuck, the frames were worthless.

A LBS here in Toronto directed me to a fellow named Martin Heath who runs a shop called Cine Cycles. I was told Martin was a specialist in unsticking seat posts (and indeed, when I met him he told me he'd yet to meet a seat post he hadn't been able to unstick.)

One of my frames was aluminum and so there might have been some alu-alu corrosion. I dosed it with Ammonia (per Sheldon Brown's 15 steps) and then Liquid Wrench penetrating oil. the other frame is steel but the SP was way way stuck in (see photo) I just did penetrating oil in this one.

Anyway, Martin's worst case solution (which avoids heat which he says usually trashes the frame) is to drill a hole in the undersid of the BB hole, chop off the seat post (leaving an inch or so exposed, with the center hole open). he then threads a long (3foot) bolt up the seat tube and out the seat, with a nut above and below the seat post. then he uses a giant round weight (it weighed about 20lbs) to hammer UP from the underside of the seat tube.

He didn't have to use this ultimate solution on mine.
His first step is to use a very solid bench vise as follows:

- let the oil penetrate for long enough (I had only let it sit overnight)
- remove the seat (and the wheels).
- invert frame and stick the bent part of the seat post (the bracket or whatever) in the vice and crank it down TIGHT. (he used a 3 foot pipe to crank the vice arm.) I guess this procedure doesn't work with seat posts that don't have the little attached bracket.
- turn the frame gently and once it budges a bit, start pulling up as you twist it back and forth

- he then bored out the seat tube to make it smooth.

It was miraculous. After just a minute or so both of these were free. (I am surprised that Sheldon Brown didn't include this procedure in his suggestions.)

good luck.
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