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Originally Posted by pstock View Post
His first step is to use a very solid bench vise as follows:

- let the oil penetrate for long enough (I had only let it sit overnight)
- remove the seat (and the wheels).
- invert frame and stick the bent part of the seat post (the bracket or whatever) in the vice and crank it down TIGHT. (he used a 3 foot pipe to crank the vice arm.) I guess this procedure doesn't work with seat posts that don't have the little attached bracket.
- turn the frame gently and once it budges a bit, start pulling up as you twist it back and forth

This was the method I used to get the post unstuck from a 1988 Trek 400 which I salvaged from the dumpster last winter. Some WD-40 as an overnight pre-soak, then use the whole frame as the lever while the post was clamped in place. I took some calipers to the stuck post, and it appears the previous owner had forced in a post which was too large. Must have hammered that thing in there.
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