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Originally Posted by crazybikerchick View Post
On the one-way streets, are the bike lanes on the right side heading the wrong way? With a yellow line to demarcate them? They have a few in Toronto and they are called "contraflow" lanes to legally allow cyclists to travel in both directions (ie the wrong way in the bike lane, and the right way in the unmarked lane) on a one-way street.
I haven't seen anything like that. There is a bizarre two-way bike lane that runs down the middle of a major one-way street in town. On the East side is 2 or 3 lanes of Northbound car traffic. On the west side is a Southbound bus lane. In the middle is a two-way bike lane (divided by a dotted yellow line).

Turning right while going South sucks because you've got to look over your shoulder and slide into the bus lane to make sure you don't get creamed by a bus. Turning right going North sucks for the same reason except now you've got two lanes of car traffic to cross.

Going straight is fun though, -until the lane ends.
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