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hey I resemble a slob

I don't wash my bike every day its older birght yellow bike 2001 cad 4 and its my best bike My older bike is a Pinkish 1986 Ironman.., My chain is a little dirty ..And I have a leather seat for comfort
I may have a smudge on my left calve when I dismount, I do wear suspender under my Jersey with a undershirt to wick moisture and I usally wear a skull cap for the same reason.
and none of my bike parts make sense, Atlas Helmet.
Old fart Jersey, black pants, I like the butt butter.
And I usally wear a mirror on my helmet.
and I have at least 2 blinky light one on my helmet and on on the seat. And Good blinky white light on the bars aimed at oncoming.
I have a cadance speed ometer and a heart rate monitor that tells me I am slacker..
And I ride average 32mile per day , for a guy pushin 59.
I hope I am not a Fred. but I may be a poser trying to look like a Fred who
may think he's better than he is. is that a Fred ???

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