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Brake keeps coming loose

I have some old Dia-Compe sidepull brakes. They work fine in stopping the bike, but the front one constantly comes loose. it has a post that mounts to the bike, and that isn't the problem. The problem is that the nuts that hold the arms in position come unscrewed with use of the brake. I've already ruined one brake because I had to slam it on and it was loose (bent the post), so I'm really conscious of not doing it again. I can only tighten the nuts so far, which is reasonably tight, before it keeps the arms from retracting (i.e. before it prevents the spring from springing). Is there something I'm missing? Is the spring just worn out, assuming I'm supposed to be really screwing the thing down? Maybe I'm missing a washer or something...but it seems like everything is there.
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