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Originally Posted by BikeWNC View Post
Nice wheels Hermes. I also have looked at Williams wheels in the carbon 38 variety but the more I learn about carbon the less they make sense (cents too) to me. I pretty much need an Al braking surface. We get too much weather here and I don't want to get caught on a long steep descent on carbon rims in the rain. The 30s look like a good set of everyday wheels. Keep us informed in how they ride.
I have been caught in the rain with my Bontrager Race XXX clincher wheels. The stopping is okay with the Swiss Stop. It is the grit that is picked up and sands away the carbon surface. And the stopping power could be better. When I road race, I pick the course so that I am willing to kill it on the descents. Braking is critical as always but you do not need as much. I like to be in control at all times in mountain descents when training with a lot of traffic and unknown road conditions around turns. However, the 38s are very seductive and would look cool on the bike.

Originally Posted by John E View Post
I am glad you very wisely chose aluminum rims, since I have severe reservations about the braking safety and reliability of carbon in that application. Also, I know my aluminum rims can trigger inductive traffic signal loop detectors, but I hear conflicting reports on whether carbon fiber conducts electricity well enough to do so.

Your wheels do look nice, but frankly I am not a fan of either radial spoke lacing, which I tried briefly in the early 1970s, or reduced spoke counts. (At least you don't have those silly paired spokes.) The higher the spoke count, the greater the wheel's potential strength-to-weight ratio, and the more finely truable the rims.
I own Bontrager Race XXX lite carbon clinchers with the paired 24 spokes in each wheel. These wheels are bomb proof and i have raced them in very tough road conditions

Radial spoke design is fast and makes sense for a front wheel. At 170 pounds, I am within the weight limitation. I own a set of Easton Ascent IIs with radial spoke front wheel. It is an excellent fast wheel and has served me very well.

I own several sets of carbon wheels for track racing, time trials, sprinting and pursuit. And my racing club members including the women's pro team and the men's elite p/1/2 team rides radial spoke wheels and carbon wheels without problems

I do not know where you get your data from or why your experience is to the contrary but my ownership and riding experience does not match yours.

Originally Posted by Allegheny Jet View Post
Those are good wheels Hemes. Addding the PT will provide a lot of good data. My son purchased a pr of 30's last year and rode on them everyday with no problems. He is also intending to use them for cross racing this fall.

I finally got my Williams 58 carbon tubulars and have three rides on them to date. The wheels really ride differently once over 24 mph and when accelerating. I intend to use the wheels for races and some special rides so riding down a mountain in the rain probably wont be in the cards. I'll continue to use my Mavic Ksyrium Elete's for everyday rides and training, with over 12,000 miles on them they ride true as new.
I am glad you like the 58s. Those will be great breakaway and bridging wheels. I talked at length with Keith Williams. He is a nice guy and our guys love his customer service.

The power / energy measurement is going to interesting and fun. I will not have power at the track but that is why we have stop watches.
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