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Originally Posted by CRUM
Well, if these two are hoping to reach their maturity after they are dead, they are blowing it now. There will be nothing left of their masterpieces after they are gone.

I have no opinion as to whether this is art or not. But I think it's pretty cool. Absolutely the best representation of our throwaway society I can think of. Spend stupid amonts of money and time on something that is in the trash can in a month. Pop Art at it's best. I am sure Andy would approve.

Ah Grasshopper, you see their legacy WILL live on in the overpriced 'Limited Edition' prints that are being made of their steaming piles of fecal material. Which surely, as did Picasso fecal matter, will experience further price bloat once the have departed for their heavenly domain.

EDIT: Don't be dissin Andy now... he was a great comedian!
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