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Originally Posted by epenthetic View Post
How could they even sell them with such a significant design error? Standard dimension threads in in a metric pitch?
15mm is the same as something (9/16"?). The threads are close, but not that close. Apparently the original company could only get the US threads cut, not metric. Or they cut it metric, had them chrome plated, and then they were too big. Whatever it was, it was definitely a significant design error. I was looking through my crank bin the other day and found not one but two crank arms with seized Aerolites in them.

btw the original Aerolites had roller bearings. They didn't loosen up, partially because of the standard size threads (vs metric). The Turcite bearing pedals were machined much smaller and fit loosely in the crank. I think that's why they loosened. I didn't like how they fit so I stuck with the older roller bearing ones.

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