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Originally Posted by chelboed View Post
I assure you dude...there is a whole lot more that will fall off a WalMart bike on the first ride.


It was a rainy Friday morning at the Guvna's Mansion. It was supposed to be an 8 person group-ride. When it got wet, 4 people stayed home. Skyler was the new guy. He showed up on a new "high zoot" WalMart dual suspension ride. Terrible conditions for a noobie to say the least. The roots/rocks were slicker'n'snot proving the WalMart tires to be no match for the ultra-gnarly Kansas terrain.

Skyler didn't know which gear was which as we headed toward the first set of short climbs. Once we convinced him to stay in his middle ring and just concentrate on the rear shifter...he spent the rest of his ride fighting missed shifts and skipped gears. He'd stand to climb and the chain would slip across the cassette, grinding steel against steel...

...still think a WalMart bike is a good idea?

It's a silly little window. If you can get a new one...super-glue it on.

I think I may have been misunderstood.

I would never personally recommend any bike from Wal Mart, Target, Costco,
etc. It's simply when you spend money to obtain a product from a recognized
name in the business, be it Trek, Fisher, Specialized, et al, I don't expect pieces
to just fall off - at least not until there has been some abuse over time anyway.

I guess I'm just anal that way - if it was my bike I would be back at the bike shop
finding out what they will do to make it right.

In the final analysis, glue may be the best solution.
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