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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely take a look down the seat tube for rust (gotta make adjustments to the post for a test ride anyways). The chain checker seems like a no brainier as well. Ought to be able to pick one up from by LBS before I go take a look at the bike.

Rocco, thanks for the reassurance about the price. Yeah, the bike is a Celeste. Nice color, add me to the list of fans. I've never owned a bike that wasn't a noticeable color. I'm comfortable paying that much for a used bike, as long as I'm reasonably certain I'm getting quality that won't require another couple hundred in a few months. I just want something that will give me an opportunity to do some longer rides (upgrade from my semi-converted MTB) and be a platform that I'll be able to maintain without too many headaches. Is the issue of the rear 8 spd set going to be a problem if components wear out (ie I have to upgrade to a 9-spd cassette with new derailluer and shifters) or can replacement components still be found fairly easily and just replace what is worn out?

I'll post back once I give the bike a test ride.

Thanks again
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