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Originally posted by oceanrider
I think he means the supplemental brake levers that came on 70's and 80's road bikes. They came as part of the package along with the stem shifters. I've got an 80's Nishiki with stem shifters and "suicide" a/k/a safety or chicken levers. The whole package his wife wants. Maybe I should just sell her my bike??

Truthfully, the cycling population survived these inconveniences. At least most of them did I hope but I'm looking for a new bike just the same. Note to Chewa's Wife: Please do not equip your bike with these shifters and brake levers. They don't function well and can be dangerous. I have to ride my bike more cautiously than others with STI's or bar shifters and regular brake levers.
Oh, I get it. Thanks Oceanrider.

Seriously, though, do you think that the 'suicide' brake levers and stem mounted derailure shifters are all that bad? I have a 1976 Schwinn Continental commuter bike outfitted with that stuff and it isn't the big hazard it is touted to be.

Maybe if she weighs 200 lbs and can get the bike up to 25 mph, the 'suicide' brake levers would not be responsive, but for the casual rider - heck, they work.

As for the stem shifters, they are mostly just in an inconvenient location. They function as reliably as anything else.
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