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Saw the bike this afternoon. Fit felt good. Really nice ride. I went to a bike store shortly afterward and had them put me on a bike to test ride and the comfort was comparable.

The bike is in very nice shape. Not mint, but very close. Few blemishes to the stickers on the frame, no noticeable scratches in the paint. Looked down the seat post, no rust (seat post even had a nice amount of grease on it. Chain and chain rings were in good shape. Really did seem like this bike hadn't been ridden much. Very little wear on the original tires (which seemed in remarkably good shape). Wheels seemed true. Gears shifted better than brand new bikes I've tested. Crank and bottom bracket were quiet. Needs new bar tape.

On to the point of concern. There was some rust around the bottom bracket. I didn't take any pictures, so I'll try to describe. First, there is a screw (hex head) on the bottom side of the BB (penetrates the frame) that is rusted. I'm not even sure what it's for, wasn't connected to anything. Then there was a little bit of rust the seemed to extrude from the BB onto the cranks. Didn't look like the cranks themselves were rusty. I know it's hard to diagnose anything without pictures, sorry. If I buy the bike, I'll take some pictures and maybe you guys can give more input then. I'm fairly mechanically inclined, and not opposed to taking things apart, cleaning and putting back together. I'm just not keen on hunting down and spending lots of money on parts (at this point in my life at least).

Any thoughts?

Thanks again
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