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As far as $500 for a high end 90's lugged Bianchi; I kind of think it depends on whether it's your idea of a dream bike or not. I used to consider the hand-made Italian bikes as exotic, expensive, collection art bikes. Beautiful examples of a road racing era gone by. Not really to be ridden, because you' be so afraid of getting that one scratch loading and unloading that would break your heart. So, I spent alot of time looking for a high-end 80's Japanese steel bike. Much more in my price range of around $200 and with excellent ride qualities that you could be proud of being seen on but not afraid to get a ding in. I ended up falling in love with a mid-90's Bianchi frame in grimy scratched up condition and over paying $250 for. Not a good wheeler dealer I. After putting another $100 and counting into it, I absolutely love this bike. It is far and away the classiest bike that I have ever owned. You can see pics of what it looked like when I bought it in the Bianchi Leggera post. I will be putting up a pic of the finished bike there soon. Even though it cleaned up really well, because of the paint chips already on it, I'm not afraid to rough it up as a daily rider. I did have the advantage of having a complete 105 group from another bike too small for me to put on it. But I have routinely seen these high end hand-made in Italy bikes from the 80's to the mid-90's selling for $800 or more.

As has been said so many times on this forum; if the bike fits, is in really good condition, and you really would like to have it, $500 may not be a bad price depending on your market.
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