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Originally Posted by gravityhurts
Let me begin by expressing my appreciation for this most informative resource; it's just the venue I was seeking.

I work my ass off (24 hr shifts) to afford a place next to a velodrome where I can blow off-steam on my track bikes. You might say "so what" but here in San Diego, I pay $1,200 a month rent for a studio loft. To me it's worth every penny to get home from the work, swap my FD boots for cleats, grab my fixer, and walk it across the park to the velodrome. I've surfed all my life and could have stayed at home with my parents at the beach but like you guys, I love fixed gears even more.

Anyway, I hope in the future to contribute in positive way.
that's a lot to pay for rent; but then those in the FD are not making a smal amount of income --- either. Those in there normally have high-end bikes.
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