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I bought a Schwinn Varsity from walmart last month. I bought the schwinn just communte back and forth to a tennis court which is about 4 miles away. If thats your purpose, the bike will suit that. Its actually a nice looking bike and people who don't ride really compliment the bike. The parts on the bike are like average not good but functional for riding. On flats, I seen speeds up to 26 mph (small down hills Ive gone 32mph).

If you ride the bike more than ten miles, I suggest you upgraded to a carbon seat post and a carbon fork. I got over three hundred miles on my Schwinn and I am biking about 35 miles + every three days. I do bike paths and streets. Because of the aluminium frame, you feel the ruts & imperfection of the road. Because of this I started to get some serious muscle spasm in the back.

The bike is made for someone who takes a medium frame (55-56cm). Anyone less than 5'8" and taller than 5'10" forget buying this bike.

I hope this helps. In the next few weeks I going to spring for a nice fitted carbon bike from LBS. I don't know if I'm going to keep this bike but its cheap I don't have to worry too much if it get stolen.

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