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I can say that I didn't get a lot of experience with the aerolites, but that is because they failed before I could get any miles in. I tried attaching the cleat to the spd holes to have float, as directed by the manufacturer. Really the way you get float with these is by not tightening the screws. How can anyone feel safe riding on cleats that are not tight? Especially in a sprint! So I gave up on that and actually sent my shoes and cleats to the manufacturer so he could install the cleats permanently. I got them back and didn't even make it out of my driveway before the entire left cleat came loose from the shoe, if he can't install his own cleat than I have to wonder what else he is inept about. So then still not ready to give up on the light weight pedals, I re-installed them with the four permanent screws myself. As other posters have mentioned, yes this is a difficult and tricky process to get right - both for correct positioning and so that it is possible to even clip into them. This time I got 2 miles down the road when the right pedal came unscrewed from the crank right when I went to stand for a hard effort. My right leg and foot when straight to the pavement with a lot of force causing me to lose control and crash. Luckily my injuries were mostly just road rash, but the bike suffered a lot of scratches and the front wheel - an expensive Rolf Elan was completely ruined. As I mentioned in another post, these pedals will come unscrewed from the crank easily because of the lack of bearings. If you don't understand why, think about it more or ask an engineer. You will realize that bearings create an opposite force in the tightening direction. The manufacturer 'sort of' admitted this, and his answer was to find a really long wrench to tighten them beyond any normal expected torque on a bicycle. Another issue I had was one of my feet would pull out of the pedal on the upstroke on a regular basis. Maybe this was my own technique, or maybe it is because I use power cranks with weights on a regular basis, so my up stroke may be a lot stronger.
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